Drones considered for reforestation

Thursday, February 1, 2018 - 12:11

U.K based BioCarbon Engineering’s target is for high-tech drones to replant deforested areas - even in areas where planting wouldn’t be feasible using older methods.

There will be two separate stages that the drones will use, first, the drones are sent into the target area to create a detailed, three-dimensional map and then the planting drones return to the site to begin the process. They are incredible efficient as they move with GPS-guided precision and the challenge is for a single drone to plant upwards of 100,000 trees in 1 day. The plantation drones can plant 1 tree a second by firing an agri-bullet into the ground.

Each drone is able to carry biodegradable seed pods and due to the high need for diversity, the can also plant multiple species, in a highly-optimized arrangement, at the same time.

The plan is for there to be 150 fleets of 6 drones each, this at the above speed could result in tens of billions of trees per year at a fraction of the cost and in places where it wouldn’t even have been practical to send people in the first place.

CEO Dr. Lauren Fletcher has set a lofty goal for his company. He wants to plant half a trillion trees in the next three decades and at 10 times the speed of people, the odds are looking good.