Australia declare that drones are the next safety wave to patrol for sharks

Monday, November 30, 2015 - 12:45

Just in time for the holiday season, the Australian Government has announced that its coasts are to be patrolled by drones looking for inquisitive sharks to counter the fears over a growing number of attacks/sightings.

The Northern coast are trialling the concept that will see UAVs scanning the waters close to beaches in search for sharks, feeding images and co-ordinates back to operators. The first test is to take place at Coffs Harbour, about 200km from where a surfer was killed by a shark in February.
The NSW minister for primary industries, Niall Blair, commented: “There is no easy way to reduce risks for swimmers and surfers. We are delivering on a commitment to test the best science available, including new technologies, as we try to find a long term-term solution to keep our beaches safe.”

The quadcopters, each mounted with a camera, are part of a fast tracked A$16 million (£7.5million) state government protection program implemented in the hope of reversing a disastrous decline in tourism revenue for towns along the Australian shoreline.