House of Lords suggests compulsory registration of drones

Friday, March 6, 2015 - 12:42

As the UAV industry continues to mature and develop the regulatory issues and concerns will continue to draw attention. It's encouraging to see the House of Lords take a proactive approach, we at UAV Protect believe the industry cannot mature and realize it's potential if the regulatory side does not keep pace with the technology.

The recommendations were made by the House of Lords EU Committee. The Committee had been looking at what rules are needed to safeguard the use of unmanned aircraft. It's initial suggestion is that the database would include businesses and other professional users, and then later be expanded to encompass consumers.

Committee chairman Baroness O’Cathain said: “We need to find ways to manage and keep track of drone traffic… We need to use technology creatively, not just to manage the skies, but to help police them as well.” On the back of that comment it was no surprise to see that a greater use of geo-fencing was a key proposal from the Committee. The greater use of GPS co-ordinates to control where UAVs can take off and fly is a key safety and regulatory tool.

Other recommendations focused on clearer guidance for the police, the use of kite marks or other logos to mark drones that have been classed as safe to use and further guidance to commercial operators about the insurance they require.

The report certainly looks promising and covers a number of wider concerns around security and privacy. That being said the effectiveness of a register and the implementation of the Committee's recommendations are still open to a lot of debate around how they will be enforced and if a register will have the desired results.