Top events to be guarded by "Drone Jammers"

Tuesday, December 29, 2015 - 16:54

A system which costs about £700,000 and can detect and disable a drone in less than 15 seconds has been developed after a successful trialling at Remembrance Sunday. The radar device which was installed on the roof of the New Scotland Yard, headquarters of the metropolitan police, close to where the commemoration took place, is the first example of such technology being used to police a public event in the UK.

A consortium of British firms designed the kit, which is capable of detecting, tracking and disrupting the controls of any rogue drones flown remotely by terrorists as airborne weapons.

Security sources said that the radar device’s deployment was a trial on Remembrance Sunday, and that moves are under way to bring the system into service to protect major events on a regular basis. “The Met really liked how the trial went and it works well with the rest of the security operation on the day” said the source.

The portable system uses electronic radar and can spot a drone up to five miles away. It uses an electro-optical camera to track the drone before jamming the radio signals that control it.

This comes after close calls at Heathrow, the White House and reports that celebrities are spending $100,000 to shield their homes and families with the latest anti-drone technologies.