UAV Protect at the Drone Data X Conference, Ireland

Friday, November 13, 2015 - 18:22

UAV Protect was delighted to attend the Drone Data X Conference in Westport, Ireland.

The conference had a fantastic selection of speakers, ranging from facebook, to Verifly, to the IAA to the Irish Defence Forces! There were many interesting presentations, but Andy Cox, Lead Engineer from Facebook's UAV team was perhaps the most interesting, with his presentation on how Facebook is planning to utilise UAVs to provide internet access to the whole of the world's population. This could happen within the next 10 years and it another fine example of how UAVs can improve the world we live in.

After the conference on Friday we also enjoyed a fantastic couple of days at Achill Island, with a very enjoyable weekend of activities, a lot of Guinness and some Irish folk singing to top things off.

We would certainly recommend the conference and weekend for insight in to the industry and a brilliant networking event.