Construction Drone Insurance

Many in the construction industry are finding that drones can play an important role in their work to monitor all phases of a project, from site preparation to completion. There are many potential applications that UAVs can be used for, including but not limited to:

  • Surveying land
  • Monitoring sites to ensure safety
  • Inspecting sites or structures that would otherwise unreachable
  • Showing clients an aerial view of the project, both whilst under construction
  • Management able to review high definition photographs throughout the construction process to ensure appropriate actions are taken accordingly

It is widely believed that UAVs can help surveying, mapping and 3D modelling which can all be carried out more efficiently with their use.

We are able to provide the following coverages for those using UAVs in construction:
UAV All Risks Insurance
UAV Third Party Liability Insurance
UAV War All Risks And Liability Insurance