Fire and Rescue Drone Insurance

Fire and Rescue services are increasingly using UAVs to reach destinations that would otherwise be impossible to. There are a number of applications that can be utilised with UAVs, such as:

Bushfire response: Fire-fighters are able to assess dangerous situations without putting fire-fighters in harm’s way, as they can use thermal imagery or high-definition cameras to measure how fast fire fronts are travelling and which way the wind is coming from
Search and rescue: In the event an individual has gone missing and response teams are trawling over hazardous or remote areas to try and find them, thermal imagery cameras can help to locate individuals far quicker and less expensively than individuals on feet and/or helicopters
Crew safety and management: UAVs can be used to track personnel and monitor the safety of their locations or route to a destination, and can pre-warn crews of hazardous conditions or quicker routes to expel danger
Maritime Incident Response: Response agencies can use UAVs to locate and survey hazardous lost cargo that might have gone loose from a stricken vessel and can also inspect the hull of the damaged vessel for leaks and damage below the waterline

We are able to provide the following coverages for fire and rescue teams operating UAVs:
UAV All Risks Insurance
UAV Third Party Liability Insurance
UAV War All Risks And Liability Insurance