Pipeline Line Inspection Drone Insurance

It is imperative oil and gas companies guard their pipelines to ensure they are operating safely and economically. A major spillage could cost billions of dollars and also tarnish the company’s image. Pipelines can often span thousands of kilometres so the task of monitoring them is not an easy one, but it has typically been undertaken by helicopters and manned aircraft, both of which are very expensive to run. By using UAVs, companies are able to cover huge stretches of pipeline, including remote or difficult to reach areas, and provide detailed monitoring of real time conditions, which can be used to spot leaks, damage or accidents. In addition, by using sophisticated software, companies can identify weaknesses and send personnel to get them fixed before the problem gets out of control.

We are able to provide the following coverages for those using UAVs in pipeline inspection:
UAV All Risks Insurance
UAV Third Party Liability Insurance
UAV War All Risks And Liability Insurance